Client's response to 'Monty' painting
"You have captured  the physique and character of Monty to perfection, way beyond even the best of photographers. He is actually alive from every angle, and the colouring is not only stunning, but accurate -  I cannot stop looking at him, because it is Monty."
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Painting of race horse - Democretes
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Unique Horse Portraits and Horse & Rider portraits to commission by Equestrian Artist, Andrew Hunt.

Paintings that capture the true likeness and character of your horse.

The Gallery

View a selection of commissioned portraits and personal studies in the gallery of horse paintings, to see the creative and intricate life-like style of painting in full detail.
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About the Artist

Andrew Hunt has worked as a professional artist for over 25 years. Based in the Southdowns National Park, West Sussex, UK (close to Hampshire). His specialisation is in Equestrian Portraiture, commissioned from throughout the UK and abroad.
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Horse Portraits

Whether you require Andrew to visit your horse(s) to make studies for a painting, or have photographs of your own that may prove suitable for the basis of a painting, you can rest assured the artist will ensure the end result is a painting to be proud of.
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Andrew Hunt is a member of
The Society of Equestrian Artists.

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Painting of white horse


Dutch Warmblood Portrait of coloured cob

Wanno is a 10 year-old Dutch Warmblood, well-suited to her owner's interest in dressage.
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Owner's response:
"I received my painting as a Christmas gift. It was perfect. Andrew has perfectly captured Wanno's facial expression and every muscle in his body. It simply could not be any other horse in the world! I am thrilled."

Bay horse in landscape Portrait of coloured cob

Roscoe, a lovely Bay with four matching socks, is stabled at a site that overlooks a lavendar field, and as a surprise present, it was important to visit the stables and make studies of Roscoe, without meeting the owner, nor prompting any questions from her fellow horse owners at the stables, who might then inadvertently spoil the surprise.

Careful planning with the client meant all went to plan, having also timed the visit to coincide with the lavendar field being in full bloom.
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Dark Bay Portrait of coloured cob

This painting of Connie started out as a surprise present, and concluded with her owner becoming involved in the decisions of how best to remember a much-loved horse, now past her best.
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Client's response:
“... you clearly understand horses and your paintings are beautiful.
The painting is so obviously Connie, I was blown away by how you have so accurately captured her.

Coloured Cob Portrait of coloured cob

Ruben is a recently retired, coloured cob. Delightfully easy-going and calm - a pleasure to study.
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Client's response:
“... The likeness is stunning and to have my boy captured in time so perfectly is lovely.
Thank you so much.

Group portrait of 3 horses / New York Quarter horses

Kito, Alphonse and Skye are each very different characters, so a key task for this painting was to not only show this, but also how they interact with each other.
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Client's response:
“... You have really captured not only the colours, but also the spirit of the horses.
Yvonne became very emotional when she saw it - my congratulations on a great job.”

Irish Draught, with dogs Irish Draught, with dogs

Eric the Irish Draught, Holly the Labrador and Nelson the Border Terrier are all part of the scene at John and his family's farmhouse in West Sussex. The trio, despite being very different in size make for a great group painting.
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Client's response:
“... Needless to say you captured Eric perfectly. Nelson being the smallest and scruffiest was portrayed accordingly, but it was your work on Holly which was inspired. You managed to make her look younger without taking away  her matriarchal status.”

Portugese Lusitano Portugese Lusitano

Nick may not have the classic long mane of the Lusitano, but this doesn't make him any less special. The owner commissioned the portrait before emmigrating, and Nick going into retirement. View painting >>

Client's response:
“Thanks so much for the wonderful painting. I'd searched the web for an artist and was lucky to find you because I couldn't be happier with the result.”

Apaloosa snowflake Apaloosa snowflake

Speckled with snowflake colouration: quite appropriate as my visit to study Buddy was in the winter snow. Buddy is an Apaloosa /draft cross and has really lovely markings and LOTS of character! View painting >>

Client's response:
"I was amazed at how Andrew managed to capture the essence of Buddy in this portrait. This couldn't have been achieved without the time he spent with Buddy on a cold January morning in the snow, or without his superb attention to detail"

Yes, I know - it's a dog! Dog painting - rat terrier

And a very lovely dog too - a rat terrier in fact. Having placed an example painting of an English pointer on my gallery page, it wasn't long before this new commission came along - from California.
I've endeavoured to present Bowser in classic styling - take a look at the dedicated page to see what you think: View painting >>

Client's response:
“Not only has Andrew captured Bowser's likeness... It has done nothing less than astonish everyone we've shown it to”

Ex-race horse - Nyala Race horse - Nyala

As an ex-race horse, Nyala was always going to be a good-looker, and it was fortunate therefore that my client had some really clear photos before finally losing her to illness. I was able to use these as good reference to produce the painting.

Client's response:
“The painting is fantastic!
My wife cried as soon as she unwrapped it.... The loss is still a bit raw at the moment, but she loves it and can’t stop looking at it.”
Rob Thorpe

Just in timeLight bay mare

It's good to be able to say 'yes'.

A lady called me to ask if I could produce an urgent painting of her sister's horse, for a birthday in a fortnight's time. It could so easily have been impossible, but at the time she called, my workflow was not too pressured, so we agreed.

She was able to supply me with a good range of clear, sharp photographs (a good looking bay with distinctive blaze marking) and after some discussion on adjusting some features, such as pointing the ears into a relaxed forward position, we were all set.

I am pleased to say that all has gone very well, the painting safely delivered in good time and another happy customer.

She says:
“The painting is just beautiful - I don't know what else to say - apart from thank you so much - this really is going to be the most perfect present."

Painting a horse that has deceasedhorse portrait - deceased

I recently produced a painting of a horse that had sadly died. The owner was able to provide me with a small selection of snap shot photos. One had the right angle of head and body, but the colour and shadow was bad and was wearing a bridle which wasn’t wanted in the painting.

I needed to use the other photos as reference to ‘fill in’ all the missing information – and the resulting painting turned out a real success.

The client was really happy with the result:

“I commissioned a painting of my late horse Blue, having been offered to have a painting done by a friend, when he died 3 years ago.

I wasn't ready at the time, but having waited, I am so happy that I chose Andrew to do the painting. Even from just a few choice photographs, he has done Blue justice and has caught him perfectly. Its nice to have him around again.

Thank you so much Andrew, it really is perfect."